Early Bird

Early Bird

Aug 20
10:15 am
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The West Settlement

The West Settlement

Aug 19
1:19 pm
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Roots Roadhouse Music Festival
Presented by the echo, Grand Ole’ Echo & New L.A. Folk Fest

Roots Roadhouse is a country, Americana, bluegrass, blues, old timey fest! Which is presented by the echo, Grand Ole’ Echo and New L.A. Folk Fest. With performances by The Sadies, Old Man Markley and Mike Stinson.

The curators of the festival asked me to paint them a ‘country’ style backdrop for the outside stage at the echoplex. Ecstatic to do so, this is what I created with a turnaround time of only 4 days!

Acrylic on Muslin

May 9
3:02 pm
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Deviation Creative is a departure from an established ideology. Creating a marked separation from the norms of lifestyle, art and design.

The name's ☞ Jesse Pascarella
Graphic Artist born and raised on the island of New York. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

This blog displays a wide range of my artwork and designs amongst a few others from selected artists. It also includes parts of the lifestyle I live in which inspires my creativity. Take a gander at what Deviation Creative is all about, but don't forget to leave some feed back. ✎__

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As an independent graphic artist, I am always open to working with new clients and fellow artists.

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